Photography: Alexa Heung

Photography: Alexa Heung



I am a radical math educator and equity designer who designs and facilitates transformational learning experiences for youth and adults. I believe in centering justice and liberation in educational innovation on the individual and systemic levels. As a first-generation Chinese-American who grew up in Hong Kong and the San Francisco Bay Area (occupied Ohlone land), my stance is grounded in my family’s journeys as refugees and survivors of war and famine, and my personal experiences navigating a white supremacist, patriarchal dominant culture as a woman of color.

I design and build cultures of belonging that value the unique stories, identities, and strengths of each individual. In my experience, when a community empowers individuals to feel seen, heard, and valued, the collective can develop fresh perspectives, critical connections and exciting collaborations.

I co-design with the community, constantly seeking inspiration and best practices across disciplines. I am a self-aware, thoughtful, creative designer and builder committed to growing justice and liberation not only in my learning experience designs, but also in my daily practice of healthy and joyful living, working, and collaborating.



Instagram, Twitter, Medium: @corrhui